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Facebook Business:

E Fine Art Photography

I created and maintain the business Facebook site for E Fine Art Photography (Esther Roberts, owner). I post daily photos, stories, and links to product pages. The posts drive potential customers to her website to explore purchase options. 

Just a few weeks after page creation, she has hundreds of followers and counting. Esther and I continue to improve the page as her audience grows. 

E Fine Art Photography Facebook

DIY Estate Planning Worksheet:

Summit Law Office

Download Planning Worksheet


We always want to provide value before we ask for a sale, and that applies to the law as much as any other industry. Following this school of thought, I created a DIY Estate Planning worksheet as a list-building tool for Summit Law Office. 

This worksheet is part of an online marketing strategy that begins with Facebook ads. The customer is asked to provide her name and email address in return for the free worksheet. In this way, Summit Law improves their email list and prospects. The worksheet also encourages customers to seek legal help through Summit Law. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 3.38.21 PM.png

John Anderson

I updated and modernized this resume for a client in the tech world. The resume clearly states his title, skills, and experience. It communicates the important information without overwhelming the reader. 

resume snip.PNG

Campaign Email:

Leah Schreiber Johnson

Download Campaign Email


Leah Schreiber Johnson ran for re-election to her local school board in 2021. I was responsible for writing campaign emails, endorsement applications, and Facebook and Google advertisements. I also advised her on local political strategy. 

This email highlighted Leah’s achievements on the school board, particularly her role as Board Treasurer. The goal was to drive additional campaign funds, and this email brought in several hundred dollars from a small email list.

Leah Schreiber Johnson - email.png
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