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Content Writer for Ambitious Thought Leaders

Content Wizard who creates consistent, engaging content--bringing in more clients and money for you!

Consistent, value-added content is the cornerstone of building your brand online.

But content creation is a time-intensive activity, even if you’re good at it. As a thought leader, the more time you’re spending creating your content, the less money you’re making. What if there was a different way?

My expertise is turning your ideas into engaging content. When we work together, you’ll attract a larger audience and more paying clients.


Let's talk! 

Esther Roberts.png

Esther Roberts, Owner,

E Fine Art Photography

Erica’s work was instrumental in getting my photography business off the ground and earning money! Her daily social media management is raising my business profile and attracting more sales every day. 

Lillian Cheeseman.jpg

Lillian Cheesman, Owner, Summit Law Office

Erica’s focus on the client journey let us identify where we had gaps in our marketing. Her ideas were exactly what we needed to attract more clients and provide value, which lead to further referrals from our happy clients. 

Kirk Heminger.png

Kirk Heminger, Writer

I was fortunate to work with Erica at Assurant Health. Erica has an intelligent and thorough approach to everything she does. She asks the right questions at the right time (or sometimes even before - Erica is always thinking ahead).

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